Get Moving With GPS Sports Technology!


GPS technology was originally invented for military use. However, over the years and with the advances made, the GPS navigational device has made its way into athletic sports. While the technology has been utilized in running and biking for some time, it is now being used in some sports that may surprise you. Many athletes have started using GPS sports technology in skating, skiing, distance swimming, and even windsurfing!

Garmin has introduced the Garmin Forefunner designed primarily for runners, and the Garmin Edge for bicyclists. These units are incredibly accurate alternatives to the standard heart monitors and pedometers used in the past by athletes, trainers and coaches.

Many are using GPS sports technology to track time and distance when performing long, open-water swims. There is also an obvious safety component in using a GPS when one is in a wide expanse of ocean all alone! In addition, by using a GPS to navigate, swimmers can maintain a straight-line course and can better stay on track.

While many GPS models are waterproof, many will not float. Therefore, it’s smart to invest in a lightweight, waterproof case. Most can be strapped to the upper arm area with neoprene bands so as to not interfere with activity. An extra band can be attached so that the device can be worn on the leg. Additionally, the GPS information is always viewable at a glance.

The more GPS sports technology is used in athletics, the more athletes will find new uses for them. But without a doubt, the technology is now an inextricable a part of sports training.

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