4 Self-Defense Strikes Everyone Should Learn

Self-defense training has gone a long way in helping people save themselves from situations that would have otherwise overwhelmed them. An attacker always expects a victim to be cooperative and when you catch them unaware and counter the attack, you always have a higher chance of gaining control of the situation. Both men and women ought to learn a few defense moves to put them in a better position to handle such situations when they arise. Below are some of the most effective strikes you should learn so you can do something to get out of an attack.

1. Smack and hack

This is a technique that blasts imminent threat and it is also very good in countering grabbing attacks. When you are faced with a straight punching attack, this move can also prove to be very effective. You can instantly knock out your opponent and maintain a central position of head and arm so you can use locks, chokes, throws and strikes from a very safe position. Smack the lead arm of the attacker with your right hand with head low to safeguard you from rear hand attack. Then hack opponent in neck side with the left arm and step forward with right foot so you keep pressure on the hack before ending with head and arm control.

2. Low jab intercept

This strike will surprise the attacker and turn the game in your favor. If you find yourself in an unexpected barrage of punches, this may be the most effective strike to use. Instead of punching for high cross, use your palm so you do not end up breaking your hand when you hit the head of the opponent.

3. Groin slap

It is one of the best hit and run strategies you can have when you are under attack. With only a groin slap, you can sprint off to safety ending the attack before anything ugly takes place as long as you maintain a position outside your attacker. If you feel bold enough, you can continue with other strikes after the groin slap to completely take down the attacker.

4. Jerk

This is a great trapping technique. It involves grabbing and jerking the opponent’s arm so that you are able to stop them from striking you. Using this technique, you will also be in a position to prevent him from blocking the attack.

Simple techniques can go a long way in countering an attack and actually have the game turn to your favor. Learn simple self-defense moves so you are ready at all times.


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