How to get a competitive edge with sports sunglasses


Sporting is a pastime enjoyed by many people all over the world and most of it’s performed outdoors. For many wearing sunglasses is about the comfort level while playing their favorite sports combined with protecting their eyes while performing a sporting activity.

Competitive Edge

For the professional sports person, specialized sports sunglasses can be all about the competitive edge that’s needed to win. Take snow sports, golf or road cycling, without specialized sports sunglasses a professionals ability to perform their best would be compromised.

Amateur or Professional

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional sports person making sure you have the best sunglasses to suit your outdoor sport is vital to your performance, health and comfort. There are various types of tailored sunglasses to suit different sports such as the big goggle styles worn by Shaun White, a famous snowboarder, or the light weight, wrap around the face molded Oakley’s often adorned on the faces of famous cyclists such as Lance Armstrong. Jim McLean, a top golf instructor, prefers to wear Haber Vision polarized sports sunglasses.

Polarized Lenses

The range of lenses available to suit sunglasses are also varied but the best sports lens are the polarized lenses that provide superior anti-reflection properties offering the best benefits for sports people’s eyes. Polarized lenses have a special film that is inserted inside the lens during the manufacturing process that reflects more light than an average lens. They only allow light to enter into the lens at one angle, significantly reducing glare. This is why they are very popular with water sports and fishermen.

These superior lenses are the lens of choice for sports sunglasses as they provide the best protection against harsh sunlight enabling sports people to perform their best in competition. The sunrays are reflected away from the eyes at an angle that provides a type of shield over the eyes to provide better focus and precision that is required for many sports such as golf, surfing, fishing and water skiing.

Lens Technology

So when you next step onto the sports field, make sure you’re wearing the latest polarized lens technology to give you that competitive edge. Consider sunglass replacement lenses; there are now online sunglass companies that provide lenses for your glasses so you don’t even have to buy a new pair of sports sunglasses to get the latest in sports technology. If your lenses have scratches on them they will be inhibiting your ability to perform your best and lens replacement is an affordable option.

Replace Your Old Lenses For Competitive Advantage

Replace your old lenses with polarized lenses and see the difference in your performance. There are online replacement lens companies that specialize in providing the latest in lens technology. So if you have an old favorite pair of sports sunglasses, update them with the latest polarized lenses. It’s usually a fast and simple process where you can order lenses directly online and have them shipped to your door for you to install in your own sunglasses. Getting that competitive edge has never been easier.

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