Kitesurfing. One of the biggest extreme sports in the world


What is kitesurfing?

Kite surfing is an extreme sports which involves flying a large powerful kite to act as the pulling force to pull you up onto a kite board (similar to a wake board). Kite surfers can ride across the wind performing crazy jumps and impressive tricks!

Where did kitesurfing come from?

Kite boarding started some 20 years ago. Developed from the windsurfing concept, the problem with windsurfing was that amount of equipment needed to travel around with often caused problems. Especially while travelling around or on holiday. Kite surfing was thought up to get rid of the old problem of not being able to get away with your gear! Kite surfing offered the added appeal of being able to travel around will minimal equipment due to the kites small size when packed and smaller board.

Why Kitesurfing over windsurfing?

This is a huge debate that still goes on today. But as kite surfing becomes ever more popular it looks like the windsurfers are slowly fading away..

1. The learning curve for kite surfing is a lot faster
2. The ability to travel with kitesurfing equipment easier.
3. Kitesurfing needs less wind
4. Kitesurfers can preform bigger jumps
5. Kitesurfers can perform more tricks
6. Kitesurfers are faster than windsurfers (as of jan 2009)
7. Kitesurf gear is easier to put away and quicker
8. Bigger social scene for kitesurfers on holidays
9. Bigger wind range for kites.
10. Kitesurfers can handle quick changes in conditions
11. Less equipment to hurt yourself on

the list can go on…

What kitesurfing holidays are available?

Kiteboarding is now widely available in many locations around the world where kiters can pursue there love of the sport and also for many beginners taking up the sport. From kitesurfing in the dominican republic to kitesurfing in tarifa on the tip of spain. the opportunitys are endless. Kitesurfing is becoming a common site in many locations around the world due to the expansion of kitesurfing schools and many kitesurfing competitions.

How has kitesurfing evolved?

Kitesurfing has evolved in many ways to encourage more and more participents each year. In the early years of kitesurfing it was considered one of the most dangerous sports in the world due to lack of safety. Now, due to the development of kites it has become one of the safest extreme sports as long as proper instruction is taken.
Technology with kitesurfing has developed considerably with features that include extra safety measures, full de-power of the kite, faster steering and more power!

Kite surfing has taken a big boost from up and coming pro riders such as aaron hadlow who has helped to get the sport where it is now from becoming an idol for many young kids to aspire to.

What is the future of kiteboarding?

The future of kitesurfing is great. The technology is growing better every year and the popularity is ever increasing. More locations are being discovered to be the perfect kitesurfing locations and more and more people are finding out this new amazing sport and get the addicting kite surfing buzz.

Who knows what the sport will bring us next…maybe the olympics??

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