Innovative uses of drones in sporting activities


When it comes to sports the a popular use of drones is for filming sporting events taking place all over the world, and even practice sessions to observe players. As a drone can film the action aerially, its recordings can be used for assessing the performance of players and the changes that may be required in their technique or coordination. Drones are one of the most promising technologies and soon it is going to be the “IT” thing in the market. This is why everyone is trying to tap the potential of this amazing concept and want to utilize them in their respective fields.

Tech people are evolving drones for covering sporting activities that require the athlete to move around while the drone tracks their movements. “Follow Me” technology is being used to film each and every movement of the athlete.

These drones will follow the person who is wearing the GPS device and thus will be able to shoot the athlete wherever he goes. The GPS device transmits your location to the flying drone which will easily locate you. The athlete will have to specify the height at which the drone is to fly.

The problem that is associated with the “follow me” technology is that it does not pay heed to the obstructions in the way of the drone. A drone is a machine that needs instructions for everything it does. It does not have brains of its own which is why it is extremely important that there are no obstructions present in the drone’s follow-me flight path. If this isn’t the case then there is a strong chance that the drone may get entangled into a tree that is present in its flight path or might even collide with the power lines running overhead.

The other problem associated with the drone imaging of sporting activities is the camera. Even though you may be having the most sophisticated drone that can follow you everywhere but if the camera cannot point at you the images that it captures will be vague and of no use to you. However, there are devices that can keep the camera stable such as gimbal. The gimbals work on different modes and even if the drone is moving the camera maintains a stable position, giving you the perfect shot.

3DR IRIS+ has shown promising results as far as the pitch of the camera is concerned. This allows the camera to autonomously control the pitch and be useful in the action sport with modes like follow me. Drones have proven themselves to be a great asset in the field of sports with various events like Olympics and football matches being covered with their help.

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