Dublin-Dún Laoghaire coast cycling.

City adventure. Just follow the cycling paths.

Dublin to Dún Laoghaire coastal road is one of the most accessible city cycling paths.

It’s a 13 km coastal cycling trip that can be taken even by the beginner cyclist. It’s flat for most of the time, with many attractions on the way. It might be great idea for Sunday family trip.

Where to start?

Starting in Dublin Centre we have around 13 km to get to Dún Laoghaire.

The first thing worth of visiting is Irishtown Nature Park. Many of the Dubliners ask for this park wouldn’t know where to go. It’s probably due to its close location to the Dublin Bay Power Plant. It’s hard to imagine that might be a nice park to visit there.

This park was established in 80’ and it a reclaimed waste land. In 1980 a local residents with the cooperation with Dublin Corporation planted the trees, tall grasses and many more plants.

It’s not crowded, so seems like a great place for a picnic, cycling, skating and other form of activities.




The Sandymount Beach

When you leave Irishtown Nature Park you will get to Sandymount Beach. It’s a great place for cycling running and outdoor exercising. There is an outdoor gym along the beach that is accessible for everyone. Great idea! More of those please!



Booterstown Nature Reserve

The third place that is on the way and its worth to stop is Booterstown Nature Reserve. It is located between the rail way and the road 118. The access to the park is limited due to a various wildlife that has to be protected. Park can be viewed from the street or from the viewing platform located in the middle of the park.



The Blackrock Park.

The Blackrock Park is a fourth place worth of stopping and having a little break from cycling. The central part of this park is a little lake that is a living place for various birds. There is also an outdoor gym area accessible for all fitness enthusiasts.


Farmers Market Dún Laoghaire

Did you get hungry after that journey? No problem! You might go to People’s Park in Dún Laoghaire.  Peoples Park Farmers Market is open on Sundays. There is a various of foods available on the market, starting with Irish Beef Burgers, finishing with ethnic food. Fish and chips? No problem, seeweed chips and fish are served on Eastpier in SayFish kiosk.  Dessert? No problem. Promenade Cafe offers a great coffee and delicious brownies.



If you feel tired after that journey or you ate too much at the local market, you might feel like not coming back home by bicycle. You can take a train back to Dublin. On Saturday and Sunday bicycles are allowed in the commuters.

Have a great fun as we had!


P.S Hopefully all the Covid-19 restrictions are going to be lifted soon, so we could enjoy this ride again.