Krav Maga Graduation Day

Great news from Krav Maga Group!

The group of five, advanced G-level students, took their chance to improve their grading rank within Krav Maga Group. All preparations prior the grading test were supervised by Head Instructor  Robert Bednarski.

The test was held in St. John Bosco Youth Centre, last Thursday. The grading test contains the presentation of various techniques such as:

  • defence against chokes,
  • grappling techniques
  • knife attacks
  • full contact sparring, including the sparring against multiple attackers.

It usually takes around 5 hours to accomplish all given tasks.

All five students passed their grading tests!

Grading test results:
  • Mark Burns, level G5
  • Vincent Kearns, level G5
  • Philip Grey, level G4
  • Eugen Dumitras, level G4
  • Jozef Predki, level G1
You can find more on krav maga group website: